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 Posted: Jan 25 2017, 03:10 PM
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Howdy, and welcome to what is quite-possibly your second stop in the wonderful world of Basura.

There are just a few rules to make note of before you attempt to reserve a character:

You are only allowed a MAXIMUM of ten characters at any given time. If you find yourself hitting the cap, but you really want to pick up a new character, you must first drop a character.

You have ONE WEEK from reserving your character to finish their application, with the option to re-reserve them ONCE before we re-open the character. After seven days you may reserve them again. If you're having trouble filling out the application in the allotted time, please feel free to contact any of the admins.

After going through the application process and getting your character accepted, you must wait one week before attempting to reserve & apply for another character.

You are only allotted two characters from the same fandom if it’s small, or three if the fandom is large. In addition, if you choose to play multiple characters from the same fandom, they cannot have heavy interactions with each other.

Characters from offensive or explicitly sexual works are forbidden.

Fandoms found to not fit the tone of Basura may be banned. If in doubt, ask an admin!

You must have completed watching/playing/reading ect your character's canon before you are allowed to make a reservation.

Canons and OCs must be reserved before you post your app. Even if you post a finished app.

[color=*green]•[/#color]First week of someone's reserve
[color=*red]•[/#color]Second and final week of someone's reserve

Got all that? Fantastic! Just fill out the tiny form below and then head on over to the application page.

List of people who cannot reserve what character: no one rn everyone is good to go

List of Reserved Characters:

Rantaro Amami || Danganronpa || Griff || 04/21
Flowey the Flower || Undertale || Bunny || 04/22
Soleil || Fire Emblem || Moonstone || 04/23
Steven Quartz-Universe || Steven Universe || Cake || 04/23
Himiko Toga || My Hero Academia || Hana || 04/23
Phil Coulson || Agents of SHIELD || Toon || 04/24
Andrew Minyard || Foxhole Court || Echo || 04/25
Louis de Pointe du Lac || Interview With the Vampire || Maes || 04/26
Nico Robin || One Piece || Yuki || 04/26

To Reserve:

Character Name || Fandom || Your Alias || Date 7 Days from Now, Listed As MM/DD

Icon art by the infinitely lovely Lelelego
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