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 The dog became a Wolf, Fenris's Extras
 Posted: Sep 20 2017, 04:05 AM
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Love Love Love

by Of Monsters And Men

All cause you love, love, love

When you know I can't love

You love, love, love

When you know I can't love

All time low

by Jon Bellion

I was the knight in shining armour

In your movie would put your lips

On mine and enjoy the after taste,

Now i'm a ghost,I call your name

And you look right through me

Carry your throne

by Jon Bellion

Two crowns and a gold cup

And they're coming for the throne, love

But if your heart is a dog fight

Then i'm ready to go to war like

Blood On My Name

by The Brothers Bright

It won't be long

'Till i'm dead and gone

Watch the fires rise under my skin

Down to the bone, scorchin'' my soul

Dogs Of War

Blues Saraceno

When I hear the devil callin'

God will pay him for what he's due

I can't stop the Dogs of War,

I can't stop the Dogs of War


by Imagine Dragons

I know it’s gotta go like this, I know

Hell will always come before you grow

Trouble found me,

Trouble found me

It's OK, I Wouldn't Remember Me Either

by Crywank

I am looking for an easy place,

To mask my thoughts behind my face.

Oh, brown baked column of victory

Maybe I should just pack up and run away again

Let you forget that you were once my friend


by Jai Paul

Don't f*ck with me, don't f*ck with me

Since you shipped my ass off to sea

I never knew where I was goin'

I went where the water was flowin'

Of The Night

by Bastille

You can put some joy up on my face

Oh sunshine in an empty place

Take me too, turn to and babe I'll make you stay

Oh, I can ease you of your pain

Dancing on my own

by Calum Scott

So far away, but still so near

The lights come on, the music dies

But you don't see me standing here

I just came to say goodbye


by First Aid Kit

Wolf father, at the door

You don't smile anymore

You're a drifter, shapeshifter

Let me see you run, hey ya hey ya


by Vance Joy

Lady, running down to the riptide

Taken away to the dark side

I wanna be your left hand man

I love you when you're singing that song

Dear Fellow Traveler

by Sea Wolf

Dear fellow traveler under the moon

I saw you standing in the shadows and your eyes won't move

You put your hand out opened the door

You said come with me boy, I want to show you something more

R.I.P. 2 My Youth

by The Neighbourhood

Might go to Hell and there ain't no stopping

Might be a sinner and I might be a saint

I'd like to be proud, but somehow I'm ashamed

Sweet little baby in a world full of pain


Tribe Society

I been through the darkest of caves and suffering

Painted with passion, my favorite color

Hope I'm alive when the story gets old

We could be free, we could be free

Finally, we could be free

Are You Satisfied?

by Marina and the Diamonds

Cause it's my problem if I wanna pack up and run away

It's my business if I feel the need to smoke and drink and sway

It's my problem, it's my problem if I feel the need to hide

And it's my problem if I have no friends and feel I want to die


by Fitz And The Tantrums

I've been trying to get back the days that we had

But see, I don't know how

There's no way to conceive the right plans in my head

All my hopes they stay curled in between these four walls

And I can't shake them out


by Scanners

Looked to my the heart but my heart was empty

Looked to the ground but the road was long

And now I've found my new salvation

It's so new the old one's young

This Body Rushes


What will you do when it comes for you?

What will you do when all you hear is the knock?

Will you run or will you tense up?

And dig in deeper than you've done?


by Longfellow

I woke up at midday

Despite a case of chest pain

The bed became and island

The carpet was the sea



You got eyes so azure

You got blood orange skin

And there's a spark in your centre that's piercing me in

I got a night-time shudder and a lion within

I got a brain-tricked hunger and you're pulling me in

Idfc (Tarro Remix)

by Blackbear

Tell me pretty lies

Look me in the face

Tell me that you love me

Even if it's fake

Arsonist’s Lullabye

by Hozier

All you have is your fire

And the place you need to reach

Don't you ever tame your demons

But always keep them on a leash

Jimmy, He Whispers

by Manchester Orchestra

'Cause his blood is so red in spite

Of the way that our sharp teeth bite

Oh the way that our sharp teeth bite

In each other during the night


by Troye Sivan

Kiss me on the mouth and set me free

Sing me like a choir

I can be the subject of your dreams


by James Arthur

I follow your decision, your prediction

And now I have to leave on your behalf

And we go on, on our own

Oh, can we ever be the same again?

Not Your Concern

by Hush The Sound

Shackles and chains get in the way

And I'm locked in the gardener's gate

Where everything grows

And no one should go where I've gone

Little Danger

by Prides

Shake me with a little danger

Be the everything I need

You may be the way, you may be the way

I want to be

Art Credit: Here!

Developments that are mostly needed (Mostly a note to myself):
> Learning that this place isn't some demon fever dream
> acquiring trust in a few indivduals
> Upon learning its not a fever dream then getting past the idea that this isn't some Denarius trick.
> Make him laugh he deserves to be a happy elf.
> gIVE HIM A DOG!!!!!!!!
 Posted: Sep 23 2017, 03:02 AM
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Tevinter Fugitive

Combat Tree


Tattooed with lyrium and fueled by vengeance, Fenris is an unnerving foe and an invaluable ally on the battlefield.


  • Kindred Spirits - Although he is somewhat resistant to magic this does not mean constantly and most fire spells in an enviroment beyond his own world will still hurt.
  • Veneer of Calm - This means he will have less health then attack damage, if he is not alert during battle or leaves himself open he is in danger of being knocked down.
  • Battle Tempo - although it speeds him up he does tire quickly when he is actively doing this
  • Inner Reserves - Through harsh training he can regain his stamina via the death of his enemies but in doing this it also drains faster because he has to focus heavily on a target to do so
  • Deflect - As much as it adds to his magic resistance the tattoos themselves begin burning his skin whenever in use causing a painful side effect
  • Spirit Pulse - Doing this leaves him feeling dizzy and his skin burning from the power build up he has to do
    The upgrade only effects people who are fully human or lack fully magical abilities

  • Lyrium Ghost - In this world the length of this ability is cut by half and rarely used.
  • Passive Abilities

  • Kindred Spirits - Fenris is inspired by your unexpected support.

    Magic resistance: +10% = This means he is somewhat resistant to some magic spells.

  • Veneer of Calm - Fenris maintains an appearance of calm, but it is only a facade. Every wound he takes stirs at his deeply buried resentment, increasing his attack damage.

    Damage: Up to 150% (inverse proportion to health)

  • Battle Tempo - Every time he kills an enemy, Fenris's pace quickens for a short time.

    Attack speed: +30% upon enemy death.

  • Inner Reserves - Each time Fenris kills an enemy, years of hard conditioning restore a portion of his stamina.

    Stamina regeneration: Minimum 5% upon enemy death, based on enemy rank

  • Deflect - Fenris further attunes his tattoos. Their lyrium pathways now help to negate hostile magic attacks.

    Magic resistance: +25%

    Activated Abilities

  • Spirit Pulse - Fenris flares with dark energy, lashing foes with a blast of spiritual force. (Lyrium Ghost must be active.)

    Activation: 30
    Cooldown: 20s
    Spirit damage: 2x
    Elemental Force: 4x
    Size: 8m

    Upgrade: Spirit Flux
    The energy behind Spirit Pulse turns chaotic, stunning most enemies.

    Sustained abilities

    Lyrium Ghost - While this mode is active, Fenris fades into a wraithlike state and becomes difficult to track on the battlefield.

    Upkeep: 25%
    Cooldown: 10s
    Defense: +20%
    Critical chance: +20%

    Upgrade: Lyrium Specter
    Lyrium Ghost protects Fenris more effectively.

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    Some clothing references for him

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