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 Location Submissions
 Posted: Jun 1 2017, 09:55 PM
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Location Submissions

Submit your locations here for businesses, landmarks, public and private areas whether they're run by your character or an NPC. For full descriptions of the locations, click HERE.


Location Name: Overwatch Watchtower: Belgate
Located: Belgate
Type of Location: Business/Organization
Location Description: Head quarters for the Overwatch team active in Basura. A tall tower like building split between two functions. One is for scientific and medical advancement for the benefit of all who live in Basura. The other is for Overwatch's agents and intelligence staff to train, observe and dispatch agents for it's global peacekeeping agenda.
Run By: Lena Oxton
Submitted By: Sky

Location Name: The Velvet Lounge
Located: Belgate
Type of Location: Cabaret/Bar
Location Description: With the finest drinks and the most beautiful people Basura has to offer on regular display, the Velvet Lounge serves as a haven for those of Belgate with more...expensive tastes. But don't let the lacquered exterior fool you. for in the deepest, darkest corners of the establishment some of the most deadly deals are being made by the mysterious businessman known only by the name "Connolly". Tread carefully, for society's elite are not to be trifled with.
Run By: Mr. Connolly (NPC)
Submitted By: Echo

Location Name: Site Hotel Bravo
Located: 80 miles to the southwest of Belgate
Type of Location: Weapons testing facility/grounds
Location Description: 40 square miles of land is off-limits to the public for the sole purposes of weapons testing. The area itself is flat for 40 square miles and desert land. Off in the distance there is a mountain range, however, that will not be used in this process. Around the perimeter of the land is a standard electric chain length fence to ward off anyone attempting to venture into it. The land itself resembles this minus the mesa. The land is incredibly flat leading up to the mountain range.
Run By: Mr. Torgue of the Torgue Corporation
Submitted By: Dillsbury

Location Name: Lysandre Labs
Located: Technological District
Type of Location: Business
Location Description: A 5 story building that's longer than it is tall, the entrance has a large wall of windows to let light into the lobby filled with both tech and plant life. the lower part of the other walls are covered with metal for a smooth futuristic look, but once past the 3rd floor there's more windows than the lower levels.
Run By: Lysandre Fleur-de-Lis
Submitted By: Blaze

Location Name: Belgate Jedi Academy
Located: Agricultural District
Type of Location: Religious Temple
Location Description: The temple itself is a large, pyramid-like structure made mostly out of stone and natural bonds. Very little technology is present within or around the facility, save lighting and equipment stored inside, and it is comprised of a combination of large rooms for practice and smaller rooms for isolated meditation and reflection. Symbols of the Jedi Order are carved into the walls and floors, and natural openings leave the ground level open to the elements. The uppermost floor is reserved for those dedicated to learning the ways of the Jedi, and provides very minimal housing consisting of little more than a bed and a wardrobe. Otherwise, it gladly accepts curious visitors and acolytes alike.
Run By: Luke Skywalker
Submitted By: Justin Surofsky

Location Submission:

Location Name:
Located: Which city/town/ect is the place in?
Type of Location: Business, entertainment, educational, natural, ect.
Location Description: As brief or as long as you want. This will be a reference for other players.
Run By: If the location is run by anyone. If not, delete this section.
Submitted By: Your OOC name.

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