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Yesterday at 12:31 pm
Come one, come all, to celebrate the last great frost of the season with an epic ice-skating bonanza!

Hosted once again by your local loving and caring government officials, the event will be taking place at the biggest park in all of Belgate. Ice skates will be provided for a nominal fee, and we would like to remind you to BE ON YOUR BEST BEHAVIOR.

The event takes place, as it always does, in the Event Box, starting at 3pm EST (Or, two and a half hours from the posted time), and will run well into the evening.

We hope to see you there!
Jan 14 2018, 06:32 PM
(Idea courtesy of Saturn, give her lots of hugs and kisses!)

Following up on last week's post, it seems consensus is that we should totally absolutely go ahead and give this a shot. And while Tape and I can come up with a roster of them, we wanted to give y'all a shot in making your own, too!!

Please only submit characters with canon faceclaims! Have some nice sources for human and anime faces.

Keep in mind: You don't need to write epic-length novels to describe your NPC. These are characters meant to be played by anyone at anytime! So feel free to write as much or as little as you'd like.

To submit your own NPC Adoptable:
[ICON HERE, 100x100]
[b]Occupation: [/b](NPC adoptables can come from all walks of life, from tiny children to the surliest grandpa. Feel free to peruse the [url=http://basurarp.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=13]occupations[/url] list if you need some inspiration for where your character would fit in.)
[b]Personality:[/b](Just a basic outline of what kind of person they are)
[b]Background: [/b](Optional)
[b]Housing: [/b](Optional)
[b]Faceclaim:[/b](Character name and series)

Name: Ms Mod

Gender: Female
Age: Mid-30s
Occupation: Government Official, Military Branch
Personality: Clinical and very to-the-point. Has a no-nonsense, take-charge attitude and is a natural-born leader. She respects people who offer her respect, and barely tolerates those who don't.
Background: Has lived in Belgate since she was just a wee sproutling, and loves her city very much. Was passionately against exploding Basura's native moon, and is resentful for how everything played out. Spends an awful lot of time weight-training.
Faceclaim: Aveline from Dragon Age 2


While we have some ideas for future events (and we'll definitely have them more competition-driven, as it seems most of you preferred those!), there were quite a lot of calls for events revolving around fandom-specific things. Whether it be holidays or gaming tournaments, we thought it'd be kind of fun to try and incorporate them amongst all the regularly-planned events.

Keep in mind that YOU will be helping us run it. We're not knowledgeable of every fandom tradition and we think, in general, it'd be more entertaining for everyone if it was run by the person / people involved instead of a basic government-run event. That means, when it comes to selecting dates, try to pick a weekend or timeslot that you KNOW you'll be available to dedicate a few hours to sit down and properly attend it.

To submit a mini-event:
[b]OOC Name(s):[/b]
[b]Character Name(s):[/b]
[b]Event Name:[/b]
[b]Estimated Date / Time:[/b]
[b]Event Description:[/b]

And, as an example:

OOC Name(s): Tricia & Tape.
Character Name(s): Timothy Lawrence & Nezumi the Rat.
Event Name: Self-Defense for the Common Asshole.
Estimated Date / Time: 2/10 @ 6pm EST.
Event Description: Tim and Nezumi basically just spend the entire three hours trying to murder each other and everybody just sits around and claps and acts really impressed.

Rule Refresher:

We've noticed a few of you reclaiming old characters you've dropped a few months back, and that's great! But please keep in mind that after your THIRD time dropping a character, whether it be voluntary or because you missed an AC check, you will no longer be able to claim that character, Canon or OC.

Yet Another Poll:

An awfully long time ago, we had a threading subforum that was really good at gathering dust, so we removed the feature. However, we've since gained a few members, and we were wondering if maybe it was time to try implementing threading again. I'll keep the poll simple this time, just a yes-or-no answer will suffice. Thank you! http://i.imgur.com/NBaSlJU.png
Jan 14 2018, 04:27 PM
AKA the New Years Festival, but in the middle of January for some reason!

Celebrated on this day because it's rumored to be the clearest night during the season. The snow's been cleared, the blankets have been set up, and all they need is you to bring your sexy self down to the Central Square right after sunset.

As usual, this will be taking place in the Event Box at 6pm EST (or, about an hour and a half after this notice is posted).

Hope to see you all there, Belgate. http://i.imgur.com/9pNmzeb.png
Jan 10 2018, 10:45 AM
Hello hello my beautiful sunflower children, and greetings to the influx of gorgeous new people we've had in the last few weeks.

As you may have noticed, our docket for our Saturday events is steadily reaching the end! But don’t worry, we’re going to fill it right back up! With your help! We know a great many of you enjoyed the events and we’d like to know what you’d like to see more of! If you could answer the following questions we would greatly appreciate it:

What would you like to see in future site-wide events? Be as general or as broad as you like!
What would you like to see in future mini-events? Let us know which ones were your favorites and/or what type of events you’d like to see hosted in the future!

Another addition we were toying with but not quite sure about was creating NPC adoptables. Basically, a communal set of NPCs that anyone could use at any time to flesh out their ICCs without having to wait for another player to be on to fill that particular role. We believe it would also help Belgate feel a little more populated!

Clarification on this because we need it: Our idea for it was, like, a pool of NPCs with names / faces / traits / backgrounds that ANYONE would be allowed to pick up, play for an ICC, and then drop them for someone else to play at a later date. Say you're iccing a hot date and you just really need a fancy waitress to hit on your character, or (more commonly) you need a police-officer, but nobody who plays a police character is on. You could pull a police NPC from the list to use instead.

Last question: ICC Roulette, y/n?

Thanks for your time, hugs n kisses. http://i.imgur.com/rRDBLDN.png
Jan 3 2018, 10:21 AM
Christmas Present #2

Hello, my darlings! Some of you have been here long enough to recall us openly talking about doing this back in July, and here it finally is.

(although it's really more of a present for me but whatever it's fine whatever)

Of course, with a new box comes some new, very important rules, so make sure you read them before hopping right in.

-- As always, please be kind and courteous towards your fellow RPers. Treat others the way you'd like to be treated, so on and so forth.

-- This is an open box, much like the CR is. Please try your very best to not exclude anyone from play.

-- This is also a TEMPORARY box. We'll be gauging interest, but as of now, the box will remain in play between 01/03 - 01/17. If there is sufficient attention being paid to it, we'll extend it to the end of the month, otherwise it'll be converted to just your average RP box.

-- Nothing that goes on in this box is CANON-COMPLIANT. Which means, if someone gets stabbed in the AU box, I fucking better not be hearing about it in the CR.

-- AU characters are encouraged. Of any sort. De-aging older characters, aging-up younger ones, taking your character from a different canon-point, turning them into a cat, whatever it may be, you are absolutely free to do it here.

-- That being said, you may not play AU versions of someone else's character. Even with permission. DO NOT DO IT.

-- You are allowed to play characters that have not been accepted yet. Keep in mind that this does NOT count as a reserve and/or you 'staking your claim' on the character. It's just a place to experiment, so go wild.

-- Please limit yourself to playing one character in the box at a time!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask!

Activity Checks

I know, I know, you guys all looooove doing journals and you can't imagine a world where you didn't have to constantly keep your shit updated, and you are so totally free to keep doing that.

BUT, because it worked pretty well in December, we were going to try converting journal-checks into just a normal check-in every month, starting now.

This hinges on a few things -- if activity is noticeably down, and if people are sitting on characters they haven't played literally all month. But we trust you guys enough to be responsible for dropping your own characters if you know you aren't going to play them.


Addy, who was acting as a temporary admin in my stead, is stepping down. Please give her lots of smooches for doing a very good job. (And also give Tape lots of smooches for continuing to do an amazing job wow that Tape, so sexy, so fine).

Our loveliest member, Twisty, has made a map of Belgate! You can find it right here. Give her the warmest snuggles.

Thank you, and have a fantastic day. http://i.imgur.com/9pNmzeb.png
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