Will not shut up about being gay. Takes a lot of naps. Does all the nagging.

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(But seriously go check her stuff out it's incredible)

Only plays Nezumi. Is probably one thousand rats in human clothes. Official giver of spankings.

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Jakub Danowicz


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Jan 17 2018, 11:58 AM
[To be filled out at the end of the month!]
> Arrived, couldn't bear to leave the Common Room, waiting for Cheshire
> Absolutely no signs; no explosions, no reports
> Rai is tolerable, but weird?
> Leslie
> Met Dorian, he lit a cigarette for him

extra notes
MAG I C >(
Jan 7 2018, 08:17 AM
Cheshire Bloom

Jakub's most trusted friend, Cheshire Bloom is a well known magic user who can set things on fire with a click of his fingers. He got his powers granted to him by a demon, and using them on other people only makes the demon grow stronger.
Jakub and Cheshire have been working together for a long time, and have a relationship that extends further than just being professional, as one could imagine. Jakub cares deeply for Cheshire, and vice versa.


Another magic user, Miklos can change certain parts of his appearance at will, such as his hair or his eyes. Unlike Cheshire, he was born with this ability.
Jakub grew up alongside Miklos, taking care of him and ensuring his safety. They drifted apart, but reunited at some point during the 1920s. They've had a sexual history together, but they're nothing more than good friends.
Jan 2 2018, 08:15 AM
Got a smoke?


Played by: jaypronouncedgay

Jakub has a mechanical arm, which is grafted directly to his bone. It has a series of switches that measure twitches in the remaining musculature of Jakub's arm, translating it into movement.
The arm is helped by kinetic power, stored in various springs in the mainframe of the arm. These springs have to be wound up once a day, or after heavy use, in order to keep the arm in top shape.

Jakub is a skilled mechanic, and enjoys fixing things as much as he's good at it. He can figure out how to fix things that he has no knowledge about.
He's also great at the perpetration of organised crime. He's considerably okay at organising it himself, due to how many jobs he's run, but he doesn't have any hands-on experience with the organisation itself.

Physical combat abilities
Jakub is particularly skilled in the handling of machines and firearms, and has even crafted some of his own design. He is able to utilise hand-to-hand combat to a moderate degree, and is a fair adversary.
He's had a lot of experience in combat, having spent over 10 years running with gangs.

Jakub has to take the time to wind up the mechanism in his arm, so that it doesn't begin to fail on him. If he neglects to do this, his actions and reflexes will be drastically impaired.
Jakub is also far from invincible, and can get hurt just as much as anyone. He's used to older technology and weapons, which will put him at a disadvantage.

Jakub is generally not a very expressive person, preferring to keep his emotions private. He has an almost infallible, stoic composure, and it takes a lot to break through to him. This makes him very difficult to read, and in turn, intimidating.
He prefers to take the back seat, allowing somebody else to lead. He's not a natural born leader, and he would rather work alone that be in charge of somebody else.
He also prefers to stay quiet in social situations, and let somebody else handle it. This doesn't mean that he can't speak for himself, or even take care of tense scenarios; he can, but he's used to not having to do so.
He's got a very level head, and it takes a lot for him to lose his cool. His silent nature allows him to be an even quicker thinker than he would be otherwise. He's crazy intelligent, and easy to underestimate because of how little he gives away about himself.

Jakub cannot be described as a good person. He expresses the wish to "go straight" but does little to make this a reality. He does have a sense of morality, and dislikes killing for the sake of it, even though "for the sake of it" in his eyes doesn't have the clearest of definitions.

He can be quick to anger, despite his stone-faced exterior. He deals with his anger subtly, however, and doesn't enjoy lashing out.

Jakub has a tattoo on his left upper arm, spanning over his shoulder. It is a representation of the Polish coat of arms. He has a mechanical replacement for his left arm, from the elbow down.

Born in Poland to Jewish parents, Jakub immigrated to New York as a young teen following the end of World War I.
There, he got in with a gang called the Kozlows, a unit of organised crime that Jakub performed odd jobs for. He rose quickly from a fresh recruit to a somewhat trusted man, and whilst on a job, he found a safe that was well known for being impossbile to crack.
Returning all of their stolen goods so the family wouldn't suspect a thing, Jakub returned empty handed, with the plan to crack the safe at a later date.
This is when he met Cheshire Bloom, who used his magic to crack the safe.

But Kozlow was afraid of Bloom's power, and asked Jakub to betray him. Jakub refused, they betrayed the gang, and moved to Chicago.

Jakub lost his left arm and part of his forearm as part of a firefight that occured a few years after his arrival in New York. Luckily, he doesn't miss his arm much, especially with the use of his new mechanical arm.

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