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Daisy Johnson


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Jan 8 2018, 05:39 PM

Daisy's Diary
Yes, it's hot pink with daisies on the front. What of it?
I'll make this less awful when I'm not on a mobile.

Monday 8th January
Met Liv Moore (doctor from Seattle, gave me some advice and a mug of hot cocoa not poisoned, weird heartbeat), Seul-bi (aka Bee, sushi server, seems nice and around my age, presumably not human, going to the moon? travels) and Rush (former spaceship shit, no idea what he does now. Scottish and drinks a lot, but those two aren't necessarily related. From Glasgow then California). Further five people I have yet to make the acquaintance of. One gave me bad vibes (in the literal sense) but that's just something new to get used to here.

Wednesday 9th January
Whole lot of weird I didn't want to deal with.

Friday 12th January
Met Destiny the AI turned human.
Dec 31 2017, 04:19 PM

Suffering, torture and pain: I've spent a lot of time using those currencies.
It catches up to you. It catches up to the people you love.

Marvel | Inhuman | Female | 19 | 5'4" | 115lbs | Secret Warriors (2017)

Played by: Winter


As a Level 10 S.H.I.E.L.D. agent trained directly under ex Director Nick Fury himself, Daisy's skills are typical of someone experienced in espionage. Refined during her time in S.H.I.E.L.D. despite spending more of her time in the field, Daisy is a genius when it comes to computer programming and hacking.

Physical combat abilities

Experienced in combat, Daisy received extensive weapons training, although she solemn uses them instead preferring to use and augment her Inhuman abilities into her own personal fighting style.

Supernatural abilities

As the result of unstable DNA inherited from her father, Daisy's Inhuman abilities manifested when she was a teenager without the need for Terrigenesis. In addition to granting her peak human strength, speed and reflexes beyond what her statue would suggest, Daisy was gifted with the ability to sense and tap into the vibrational energy around her, essentially allowing her to create, manipulate and absorb the equalivant of seismic waves. While commonly used as a concussive force in order to push people or objects back as well as literally shake weapons apart, Daisy can potentially generate anything between a tremor localised in a single person's heart to an earthquake that can shake an entire tristate area.

As a consequence of using her Inhuman abilities, Daisy is prone to ruptured veins and microfractures, causing her to suffer from constant breaks and rebreaks as her own bones reverberate with the excess and residual energy generated by her powers. While lessened thanks to her specially designed gauntlets courtesy of S.H.I.E.L.D. which act as a conduit in place of her bones, there is no escaping the physical toll on her body due to either overusing or overexerting her abilities, with any absorbed vibrations also needing an outlet. Her seismic waves can also be countered by an equal or greater vibrational force, as well as potentially weakened or rendered null entirely by energy-absorbing materials such as Vibranium.


Unable to spell Inhuman without human, Daisy is by no means invincible or immortal, being susceptible to all manner of injury, disease and death. Thanks to her Inhuman abilities attuning her to any surrounding vibrational energy, she is vulnerable to specific frequencies, which can lead to intense migraines, nosebleeds and even unconsciousness if present with there an increased risk of brain hemorrhaging. Although intelligent and specialised in her own select fields, she never did graduate high school.


Threatening to lose herself to pain and grief, Daisy took her usual coping mechanism of deflection through sarcasm and humour to the next level, bottling her feelings rather than deal with them as she embraced her anger and desire for revenge instead. Once said to be the conscious of her team - the very same team she lost due to being ordered into a trap by facist leader created by a cosmic cube, Daisy found it within herself to believe that the ends justify the means as she committed acts such as torture, following a darker path that would eventually lead to her choosing between becoming a killer or being a hero.

While still not a hero, Daisy refused to fall any further into that abyss, although still frequently toeing and even dipping her foot from time to time, especially when it comes to those she loves and ultimately cares for. Despite no longer isolating herself, she regardless holds those around her at a great distance, but not just for their own sake as Daisy often insists. Naturally struggling with the aftermath of the war and the battle she raged, she's neither seeking redemption nor forgiveness, but nonetheless trying to pick up the pieces and move on eith her life. After all, sometimes there is no fixing but just living with what's broken.


As pictured, although often injured thanks to some cut or bruise or even broken bone with Daisy possessing a collection of scars. Doubling as a pair of chunky silver bangles, she can also be seen wearing a pair of specially designed gauntlets courtesy of S.H.I.E.L.D. that extend down to her elbows.



Hands shoved deep into the pockets of a well-worn leather jacket, a hooded figure waded in to join the slowly growing crowd. Head kept purposefully low although she didn’t expect to get openly made and recognised by anyone presently in attendance – the face of Daisy Johnson or even Quake not known to the public unlike members of the more prolific X-Men, the woman casually scanned the ongoing rally under darkly painted eyes, seemingly innocently in search of a friend or better view of the action upfront. More than acutely aware that S.H.I.E.L.D were always watching, her lips parted slightly unfazed by the prospect as she rocked and then stood on pointed toes all to get that extra inch or two vantage.

Up on the erected stage, it wasn’t hard to identify the face belonging to Robert Kelly; currently stood behind the podium in the amidst of giving what was surely a rousing speech if she actively listened, he was flanked by two large and oversized campaign posters baring a supposedly election winning smile and worldly experienced greys somehow meant to be comforting. At least, that's what she was told they were supposed to be. Already well-known and well-documented by various photographs in the press and recent if numerous interview appearances, if the fact he was a politician and a New York senator didn’t tell you pretty much everything you needed to know about the man, the anti-mutant mentality he was currently promoting did. In the wake of Apocalypse’s destruction in which he had been held hostage and saved from thanks to the like of the X-Men and their allies, Senator Robert Kelly had been more than fundamental in the pushing of the Superhero Registration Act.

None of which Daisy in the end was here for.


Like attracting like as it was often want to do, where Senator Robert Kelly and an anti-mutant rally was, there were the Friends of Humanity. Sorry. Suspected members of Friends of Humanity. Not as prominent a members as the dear New York Senator with his political connections and good graces, she was admittedly working on outdated intel with the two targets easily apart of some other extremist group currently on the rise. Fortunately, in the advent of social media, that was growing to be less and less of a problem thanks to the constant status updates and lovingly uploaded selfies embedded with GPS coordinates. In Daisy’s experience, idiots and bigots really did love broadcasting the fact they were idiots and bigots, especially while online, so far from surprised by the insignia blazed onto their caps and the subsequently imagined bumper stickers, it was really just sad how often those two went hand in hand.

“Excuse me.”

Worming her through the crowd and some accidental jostling later, a wad of leaflets seemingly disappeared into the gutter by a gust of wind once she reached the street and stepped off the curb. Arguably where they belonged as her gloved hand once again found and became nestled in her pocket, Daisy didn’t look back.

[Taken from another site where I
play an alternate version of Daisy.]
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