Maes is actually a lizard in human skin. She is at least two feet tall.

Saturn is a gaseous planet. She used to just be a floating space rock but we liked her so much we put a ring on her.

Twisty may or may not actually exist. The only thing we know for sure is that she will stab you.

Only plays Nezumi. Is probably one thousand rats in human clothes. Official giver of spankings.

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My Content
Jul 9 2018, 11:08 PM
gonna make this look all nice and gOOD
Jun 19 2018, 12:11 AM

Love Live!

Literally the sweetest sweat pea that ever sweetpea'd? She's such a darling and she's a member of a school idol group! She's very shy and has a quiet voice, but she's a little tubby and loves rice as much as she loves singing and talking about the different school idols that she knows about.

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

This guy is a gOOF and he loves eating and having fun. He especially adores swimming, and swims the breaststroke for his high school's swim club. 10/10 very cute and also is obsessed with penguins. He also loves eating and goofing off instead of studying because that's bORing.


Probably the cutest little crow child that has ever lived? He's VERY passionate about volleyball and proving that he can do whatever he sets his mind to. He's very used to being bullied about his height, so he became determined to be the best spiker Japan has ever seen. Even though he's small, he's very fast and can jump a crazy height. He's practically Kurasuno's little ray of sunshine.


So this boy doesn't know how to be a civilian because he's been a military soldier for most of his life. He's very much a noble person at heart and wants to help everyone he meets. He's not that experienced with the real world, but he is very sweet and his heart is as big as his bara self! He also has some cool lightning powers, so there's that.

Jun 16 2018, 11:26 PM
Hello everyone!!!

I want to make something for you guys! It's a surprise, so I can't give TOO much detail, but I need everyone to respond to this with the character that they would consider their main muse! I would love to include everyone we have on the site, but that's way too many.... If you really can't chose one, I'll allow you to pick 2! But also it will take me longer for me to finish my... thingamajig :3

Thank you!!!
Jun 16 2018, 08:26 PM
Congratulations! Helmouth has been unlocked!


Helmouth was founded originally as a mining town, but as soon as Belgate discovered the huge Auxilium vein, Belgate went down and took over the city completely, keeping it secure so that no one could take any of the Auxilium. They kept them closely regulated and monitored on purpose, so the people couldn’t figure out what the Auxilium was and use it against them.

Since then, Helmouth has become more or less a slum for those above. The surface is colloquially known as “Hellgate,” since most people know that Belgate has been sucking up their resources and treating them like a dump. Helmouth itself has a government of their own, but it was never quite that strong against Belgate. They have the Head Council, a group of people that all run as figureheads together instead of there being just one leader. The system is democratic and they vote in and out figures when they feel it is needed or someone passes away.

The city is completely underground, right underneath Belgate, and thus they do not plan on resurfacing the city. However, now that the secret about this city is out, Belgate is scrambling to make efforts to create a shuttle system to bring the people up to the surface if they choose to do so. Belgate’s current PR effort is “trying to make change and fix our mistakes”. However, the government has not released any information in trying to give the people of Helmouth any sort of technological assistance aside from the shuttle system.

The rebel group that is in Helmouth has not disbanded yet, because of that reason. They are currently working to try and figure out the secrets that Belgate is still holding from them, particularly on the Auxilium.

Characters can now enter this city as well as arrive here! The characters that were there during the breaking of the gate will be treated with utmost hospitality, while others will be treated with a bit of skepticism as the public comes to accept that not everyone from Belgate are evil. There are also plenty of businesses down in Helmouth, such as restaurants, bars, and shops for local trinkets and jewelry. More businesses will crop up over time as Helmouth is more exposed to the Belgate public, so feel free to make up what you will for any future RPs as far as settings go.

More expansion updates will be coming soon! Until then, stay tuned, Basurians!
Jun 2 2018, 11:22 PM
Hi there everyone!

I've been saving up for a whILE now to go to Anime Expo, but in a last minute attempt to try and make up for times where I couldn't save as much as I needed to, I'd like to open up doing commissions!!!

Art Stuff

Here are some examples of my art! My icons for Darren and J-0Y were also drawn by myself. I can also do plenty of sketches, painting, pen/ink drawings, etc. However, I mostly used Painttool Sai for my work, and maybe a little editing on Photoshop and Medibang Pro!

My specialty is people, but I'm also willing to take on animals, buildings, creatures, etc. Even though I want to sell this art that I'm making, I am certainly down for the new experiences as well.

As far as pricing goes, you can pay me how much you want to or how little you want to, and donate however much you think it's worth here!

Icons I can do for $1 per icon! Ko-fi lets you donate a minimum of $3, so bAM, 3 icons minimum! These icons are 100px by 100px .png files and can be used in the cboxes. If you would like an icon, please let me know the character and what facial expression you'd like. Reference pictures are also helpful to have on hand if you have them!

If you'd like more stuff like that (print-worthy images, sketches of your characters, etc.) I would be glad to do that kind of stuff as well. However, stuff like that will probably take more time to do.

Please expect all of your art to be done within a week of the request! And, you also don't have to pay me until AFTER your commission is finished.

Writing Stuff

YES. I ALSO WRITE. I will gLADLY write little drabbles and things if you would like for me to do so! I can't give large fanfictions unless I'm that well acquainted with the characters, but I can take short writing requests as long as you're not asking me to write stuff for you for like... your apps and stuff.

Again, I'll take donations of any value and write at least 350 words per request. You don't have to pay until AFTER you've received the work! And what it's worth is up to you.

Some Rules About Requests
  • You can request NSFW work! However, you MUST be over the age of 18 to request the work.
  • No Beastiality, non-con, pedophilia, loli/shota, etc. kind of requests, please!
  • Please make sure to have reference pictures of your character OR their wiki for writing them (if the wiki is available). I want to make sure I have enough research as I possibly can to make the requests as accurate as possible!
  • PLEASE take into consideration that I work 40 hours a week at my day job and have a life outside of the internet. All I ask is for your patience!
  • I will be as open about communication as I possibly can be and give frequent updates about the work! If you have any questions, please let me know!

Thank you so much for your time, and I hope that I can do my best!

Here is a link to my Ko-Fi!

-Sincerely, your dearest Twisty
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