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Jan 8 2018, 02:23 AM
TW; violence, death, weird visions/reality bending, shadow creatures, nightmares


Wherever you are on this clear, January night, everything is normal. What “normal” is, however, is up to you to decide. Maybe you’re at home or in the CR fast asleep, having pleasant dreams or not dreaming at all. Maybe you’re out on the town, taking a stroll and basking in the warm glow of Belgate’s streetlamps. Maybe you’re even out in the forest, wandering through the night.

Regardless, the world seems peaceful for a moment. The birds retired many hours ago, so the world is quiet aside from the white-noise around you, the normal noise. Maybe you’re even beside the one you love.

However, you feel a thud in your chest. Whoever is around you feels it too, but it’s nothing like a heartbeat. Heartbeats mean you’re alive, but the sudden thud in your chest feels like the hand of Death slowly gripping on your lungs. Dread consumes you for a moment.

You see a vision. For those of you who are asleep, your nightmare begins now.

He is watching.

Everything is fine. Happy, even. Then you see him—standing far off in the distance. A figure with glowing green eyes is staring right through you, and all you can see of him is dark mist coming off of his frame. In fact, you can’t even tell where the mist ends and the body begins, like he’s nothing but a shadow. For some of you, he may be closer, but even if you turn your head away, he follows.

He is watching.

When you blink, he’s standing right in front of you. He has no face aside from his eyes and an acid green line for a smile that curls like the edge of the moon across his shadowy head.

Suddenly you’re in the center of town, with everyone you know, and there are shadows everywhere- some are short with sharp fangs, others are taller than the trees with long, long hooks for fingers. You smell smoke, but you can’t see any fire. Someone you know runs out on your left side, but a hawk made of black mist sweeps down and snatches them up, like a worm.

He is watching.

The person you love the most screams from behind you, and when you turn, you watch the light in their eyes fade. The shadows consume them in a way that make you look away. There is no time to mourn their deaths, since you know that if you linger, you’ll be next.

You run.

He is watching.

You hear drums, as if they’re coming from inside your own brain and pounding through your ears. It creates a cacophony with your own heartbeat and the sound of buildings falling. You look up, and you can see details of the moon’s craters as its being pulled towards the earth. You sprint, your legs on fire as you try to run for cover. You hear a rumble from behind, but you don’t look back. No matter how hard you push yourself, you see the world pass by you even slower. You can’t run; you can feel the moon dust grind on your back.

And all this time, through the panic and the madness, you see him. The shadow man is standing at the same distance before, no matter where you look. He is only looking right back at you, unblinking and unmoving.

He is watching.


You wake up.

The world has returned to the way it was; you are in your room or still walking, still doing that normal thing that you’re doing, but that dread in your chest lingers. Something is here. Something has arrived in Basura, and you have a bad feeling about it.

You do NOT have to be a part of this plot! If you are interested in it, please answer this quick poll here!
Jan 8 2018, 01:59 AM
Hello everyone! I'm trying to get the next site-wide plot rolling, and I would love some feedback on it (or honestly, as much feedback as you would like to give me). Firstly, I would like to know if you would like to be involved in this plot, as I'm trying to include as many people as possible! I'm trying to make this fun for everyone, so I would love to hear how much people are interested in joining in on my little kingdom of calamity.

You are NOT obligated to be a part of this plot! As I'm trying to create as much pain and suffering as possible, things could get dark, so there's no shame in not wanting to expose yourself to the negativity. Also, I'm aiming for the characters to suffer, not the player (though having lots of feelings is totally permitted).

If you could also respond with what characters you would like to throw in (if you're willing to join in), I would appreciate that as well!

Thank you so much, and I would be honored to orchestrate this fun adventure for all of you! c:
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