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Mar 18 2018, 03:13 AM
Hanna Linvale

Playby: Katherine McNamara
Universe: Ash's world (OC)

Hanna is Ash's best friend, and first love. Being a human who fought for the rights of Magi by Ash's side, she played a huge role in shaping the woman Ash ultimately became. Hanna was killed in the Reykjavik Riots.
(For more details on Hanna, drop me a message either here or in Discord, I've got some ideas regarding her coming to Basura)

Sasuke Uchiha

Which Sasuke?
Playby: Anime
Universe: Naruto

Sasuke is Itachi's younger brother. It really doesn't matter which part of his life he's pulled from, as each will present it's own joys and troubles for Itachi.


Playby: Player's choice (Should at least look Elvish)
Universe: The Lord of the Rings (OC character)

Mithanar was, and still is the love of Sidhel's life. If you're interested contact me and we'll discuss his life, as his role in certain events is required, while is optional in others.


Which Logan?
Playby: Hugh Jackman (Old Man Logan, or younger)

Universe: Marvel

Laura needs her dad-not-dad. Whether it's the younger Logan, or the Logan from Laura's film debut is up to the player.


Playby: Ruby O'leary

Universe: Vikings

Lagertha has her baby boy back, now she needs her little girl. Any point in her timeline is fine, short as it was...

Ragnar Lodbrok

Playby: Travis Fimmel

Universe: Vikings

Lagertha's estranged but not, on again off again ex-husband. Despite her anger and hurt at his sleeping with and then marrying Aslaug, Lagertha still harbors a flame for her first husband. Give the Mama Viking something to struggle over!
Oct 19 2017, 05:27 PM
Itachi Uchiha of the Sharingan
Clan Killer Itachi

"He accepted disgrace in the place of honor... and hate in the place of love. And despite that, Itachi died with a smile on his face..."

Itachi is currently open to Plots!

Current situation: Homeless, jobless, and seeking some sort of direction.
Current relationships: Liv Moore and Bi (Friends), Rock Lee (Training Partners), Mary Stuart (Fledgling Love Interest)

Laura Kinney


Laura is currently open to Plots!

Current situation: Living rough
Current relationships: Rush and Destiny (Self imposed parental figures), Yugi Moto and Invader Zim (Friends)

Earl Ingstad

"Woman? Is that supposed to insult me?"

Lagertha is currently open to Plots!

Current situation: Living outside the city with her son, Bjorn. Establishing a farm for them both.
Current relationships: Bjorn Ironside (Son), Clementine (Adoptive child), Phoebe Halliwell (ex-lover)

Lady of the Wilds

"Man siniath, hen-adanath?"

Sidhel is currently open to Plots!

Current situation: Living outside the city in her Sanctuary. In the process of forming a proper home.
Current relationships: Destiny (Close friend; mistress)

Jennifer "Ash" Moore
The Woman of Many Worlds

"Wanna see a magic trick?"

Ash is currently open to Plots!

Current situation: Living in the CR
Current relationships: Dutch (Ex-Lover?), Rocket Raccoon (Drinking buddy), Rush (Potential Manslaughter victim)

Matthew Murdock
The Devil of Hell's Kitchen

"Here's how this is gonna work. I'm gonna ask you some questions. You're gonna answer them. If you're lying to me, trust that I will know... and I will be unhappy."

Matthew is currently open to Plots!

Current situation: Re-establishing his Law Practice
Current relationships: Elektra Natchios (Lover), Jessica Jones (Universe buddy)


"I am Groot!"

Groot is currently open to Plots!

Current situation: Regrowing and learning about the world
Current relationships: Rocket Raccoon and Peter Quill (Surrogate parents)

Chloe Price
Queen of the Assholes

"Everybody lies. No exceptions. "

Chloe is currently open to Plots!

Current situation: Living in the Common Room with her girlfriend
Current relationships: Maxine Caulfield (Best friend and girlfriend); Rocket Raccoon (Stoner/Drinking buddy)
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